Asian Gangsters - Chinese vs Vietnamese

on Apr 09,2015
Hey guys! This video was created with a bunch of friends and some lovely fans :)

This is my first Asian gangster video! The Vietnamese gang encounters their deadly rivals, the Chinese gang LOL
I'm half Viet and Chinese, so this was an analogy of my cultural mix... not really. It's just a fun video HAHA

I asked fans who wanted to be in my next video (Facebook post) and hundreds of people messaged me with interested.
It was an exciting new experience. We had a lot of laughs, stood in the cold but got the job done!

I just wanna thank all the people who came out, thanks to:
Kevin who played the Vietnamese protein shake guy
Andy for playing the Chinese Leader
Vincent who played the beat boxing Vietnamese gang member
Long the guy who only says 'gangster'
Adrain for playing the deep voiced Chinese gang member
Nicole who was the pretty Chinese GF
Dalenah for the Vietnamese GF role *double thank you LOL*
Lubin for playing that stupid hooded guy
Tien who was the runway model
Tomasz for playing the token white man (gwai lo)
Helen for shooting behind the scenes
Taylor for playing the Vietnamese extra role
Jon Bling and Joseph (from Colab Studios) for filming on the day. These guys killed it
A massive thanks to Tom for playing Tom haha this guy had to stand in the freezing cold for hours

Most of these guys are aspiring Youtubers. This is the main reason I got fans to do this video, try to get their name out there! So please check out their channels if you have the time :) Thank you

I'll be filming with fans in the future, so if you wanna be in the next one, please follow me on Facebook:
Instagram: Lechonny

Thanks so much for watching guys! I hope you enjoyed the video
All the best,
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